Split w/ Hate




Split 7" w/ Hate. Release date: TBA


released April 23, 2011



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CYBORG Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Sponged
Just cuz she's all ready to go
Don't mean i'm gonna fuck her
Track Name: Slugfucker
Sonic annihilator, tool of death
'51 Guillotine, killing machine
Break the blonde over your face
Hide your body in her case
Get her home and let her feed 
6-string uzi, hand-grenade
She's got two knobs, destruction and pain
Use the strings to cut off your head
Glue her together but you're still dead
She's so pretty covered in blood
Track Name: Limited Trends
Why wear a t-shirt and jeans 
When you could wear a fucking cloak 
Mystery is the vibe you want 
But your whole life's a fucking joke 
Fashion shows for 
High school hipsters 
I wrote this song 
About you thinking you have the right 
To stick your nose up in the air 
Because of a little internet hype 
No fire or passion 
Just ebay gold 
Trendy hipsters 
Shit's getting old 
Give it a year, you pussy 
Nothing you've done will mean shit
Track Name: Phoebe Cates
You're moving in stereo
By the poolside 
Someday, somehow
I know you'll be mine 
Strip off that red bathing suit
Show me what God gave 
I'll bury myself in you
I pray that you don't shave 
Phoebe Cates
Sit on my face 
Teach me how to blow a dude 
I want to see you in the nude 
Your titties please me oh so much 
You're a goddess
Make me sorry i'm alive 
Someday i will make you mine 
If i can't i'll take your life 
Track Name: Blame Skynet
I'm programmed to kill, I blew up your house 
Your family is dead, I fucked your wife
Time travel
Is possible 
Nuclear war 
Is inevitable  
Machines from the future, Is what we are 
You'll never outrun us, Even with a car 
Your world is fucked
And you will die
My body is metal
And you don't know why
Don't like it? Remove my chip
Track Name: Past Denier
Avoiding the past, doomed to repeat it
Keep telling yourself, you didn't need it
Past Denier x3
Look at you now, you're lost in space
Can't find yourself, can't save your face
Don't forget from where you came
Don't pretend you're not the same
Past Denier x3
You hate yourself
You hate yourself
Track Name: N.S.F.M.
Long hair and makeup
Kiss was cool, you just suck
Forests and mountains 
Don't listen to Watain 
Vikernes is out of jail
For some reason you still care
Kill a man, then we'll talk 
Burn a church and i'll suck you off 
Closet racist
Watered down bullshit 
I am fucking sick of it 
Satan's dead